Looking forward to a new year and new semester at StFX Music.  Started 2023 with a quick “tour” with performances in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa.  Check out the video pages for a quick look at a short clip from Toronto's famous Rex Hotel Jazz Club.

Exciting news…StFX is arleady working on booking some very high profile guest artists for the 2023-2024 academic year.  Stay tuned!

If you are in Halifax, I am performing around town.  Reach out if you are interested to know when I am performing next.




September 2017


Hello everyone,

So I've finally made the move back to Canada.  Although I've had a wonderful career based in Seoul for the last 15 years, the time has come for me to return to Canada.  I'm looking forward to building my career here and to reconnect with everyone in the North American music community.

I'm very excited to commence a new semester at St. Francis Xavier University where I will maintain a Saxophone studio as well as teach Arranging, Jazz History, and Jazz Ensembles.

Drop me a line.  I'm looking forward to reconnecting with everyone now that I've returned to Canada.










January 2017

Hello everyone, 

After a period of time spent in Canada, I'm now back to living in Seoul.
I'm happy to be back to Dong-Ah Institute of Arts (www.eng.dima.ac.kr) for the new semester. A great group of young musicians to work with.
I've added to this site some /live-audio-samplesnew audio samples of some of the playing I did while I was in Toronto during the fall of 2016.
Drop me a line if you are passing through Seoul,,,



Past Schedules

Oops, haven't been updating....!

February 2014 

Every Saturday night at Burn Lounge www.burninhal.com 9:00pm


Feb 4 - ChunYunDongAnDo - Im Mijung quartet 9:00pm

Feb 8 - ChunYunDongAnDo - Kim JooHun quartet 6:30 pm

Feb 10 - All That Jazz - Im Mijung quartet 8:30pm

Feb 12 - Club Evans - Yu TaeSung quintet 9:00pm

Feb 17 - Tolix Cafe(Dogok station) Park Jinkyo trio 8:30pm www.cafetolix.com

Feb 24 - Tolix Cafe(Dogok station) Park Jinkyo trio 8:30pm





 December 2013 


Dec 4 - Palm - Joon Lee(L.A. Blue Whale)

Dec 7 - Burn - Park Jinkyo trio 

Dec 9 - Palm - Ant Law (UK) quintet 8:30pm

Dec 12 - All That Jazz - Lee Chulhoon sextet

Dec 13 - Palm - Taesung Yu Quintet 8:30 pm
Dec 13 - Palm - Ant Law quintet 11:30 pm 

Dec 14 - Palm - Ryan Mcgillicudy quartet 8:30pm

Dec 21 - Burn - Park Jinkyo trio

Dec 28 - GigSpace - Peter Hum quintet with David Smith, Alec Walkington, Nick Fraser



November 2013

Nov 2 - Palm - Ryan McGillicudy quartet
Nov 3 - Jack be Nimble - Summer Hwang quartet
Nov 8 - Jass - Taesung Yu quartet
Nov 9 - Palm - Vian quartet
Nov 15 - Jazz Alley - John Nam Quartet
Nov 16 - Palm - John Nam Quartet
Nov 17 - Evans - Summer Hwang quartet
Nov 20 - Arte TV - John Nam quartet
Nov 29 - Jack be Nimble - Jack Lee quintet
Nov 30 - Stay in Cafe - Kangsil Ko quintet




June 2013

June 1 - Yagi Studio - David Berkman quartet
June 2 - Evans - David Berkman quartet
June 4 - Palm - Ryu JooHee quintet
June 5 - Palm - KangSil Ko quintet
June 6 - Palm - SoonYong Lee quartet
June 8 - Veloso - BuYoung Lee quintet
June 13 - All That Jazz - Namuel Cho quintet
June 14 - All That Jazz - Damon Brown quintet
June 22 Gwachun Festival - Namuel Cho quintet
June 29 - Palm -Taesung Yu quintet

May 2013

May 3rd - All That Jazz- Paul Kirby band
May 4th - John Nam Quartet
May 7th - All That Jazz - Shawn Pickler's Coltrane band
May 8th - Evans- Steve Pruitt quartet
May 11th - Palm - Cho YoonSeung quartet
May 12th - Blue Moon - Paul Kirby band
May 14th - Evans - Martin Zenker quartet
May 16th - Jazz Alley - Manuel Weyand Quartet featuring Sullivan Fortner
May 17-18th Seoul Jazz Festival - Cho YoonSeung band
May 19th - All That Jazz - Jeon Jekon Quartet
May 25th - Palm - Lee JongHun quartet
May 31st - Seong Nam Arts Center - Cho YoonSeung Concert

April 2013

Every Thusrday - Jazz Alley - Cho YoonSeung band
April 6th - Palm - John Nam Quartet
April 7th - Palm - Teasung Yu Quintet
April 13th - Seoul Festival - Shawn Pickler's Electric Band
April 20th - Stay in Cafe - Teasung Yu Quintet
April 27th - Palm - JongHun Lee Quintet

March 2013

March 2 - Palm - John Nam Quartet
March 5 - All That Jazz - Shawn Pickler's Coltrane project
March 7 - Banjul - Cho Yoonseung Duo concert
March 14-15 - EBS Space - Ryu JooHee Quintet
March 23 - Palm - Lee JongHun band
March 28 - Jazz Alley - Roman Pulati Quartet

February 2013

Feb 2 - Palm - John Nam Quartet
Feb 13 -Club Evans- Steve Pruitt Quartet
Feb 14 - Club Evans- Ryu JooRhee CD release party
Feb 16-17 - Pusan- Cho YoonSeung concerts
Feb 19 - Cho YoonSeung concert (updated later...)

Dec 28th -GigSpace(Ottawa) - Peter Hum quartet

Dec 21-25th - IL-JI Art Hall- with vocalist Song Jung-Me and Cho Yoon-Seung Christmas concerts.

October 2012

Oct 18-19 IL-JI Art Hall- Cho Yoonseung with Gina Saputo
Oct 29- Jazz Alley with Rob van Bavel and Namyuel Cho

July 2012

July 3 Shawn Pickler's Coltrane band - All That Jazz
5th  Vian band - All That Jazz
7th  Palm
10 Kenji/Dave Smith - Club Jass
11 Omae/Smith - All That Jazz
12 Omae/Smith - Chun Yun
13 Omae/Smith - Jazz Alley
15 Omae/Smith - Palm
14 Taiwan Festival
20 John Nam Qurtet - Jazz Alley
24 Phil Yoon Band - Evans
26 J.B. band
28 Cho YoonSeoung band

Past Schedules

March 2012

March 1 Vian Quartet  All That Jazz
March 9 Paul Kirby Quartet  Palm
March 14 Lee Jiyeun Band  Pink Moon
March 15 Paul Kirby Quartet  ChunYunDongAnDo
March 21 Lee Jiyeun Band  Evans
March 23 Paul Kirby Quartet  Palm
March 25 Lee Jiyeun Band  Once in a Blue Moon

April 1  Cho Yeun Seoung/Monk Tribute Concert  Veloso
April 4 Guest soloist with the SeungNam Orchestra
          SeungNam Art Center
April 12 Paul Kirby Quartet  Jazz Alley

Feb 2012

Feb 2 Vian band at All That Jazz
Feb 5 Jeakon/Dongjing trio  All That Jazz (7pm)
Feb 13 Im Mijung Quartet  All That Jazz
Feb 14 Shawn Pickler's Coltrane Band  All That Jazz
Feb 15 Kim JooHun Quintet  Once in a Blue Moon (10 20 pm)
Feb 23 Lee Jiyoung Quartet  Evans
Feb 28 ChunYunDongAnDo Jam Host Band
Feb 29 Kim JuHun Quartet  All That Jazz

JAN 2012

Jan 16th Lim MiJung Quartet at All That Jazz
Jan 24th Lee JiYeun band at Club Evans
Jan 27th JiYoung Lee band performing the music of Keith and Herbie. Club Evans
Jan 28th Club Palm with guest Stan Killian


Oct 20th Taipei Jazz Festival with Shawn Pickler Quartet
Oct 2nd Jarasum Jazz Festival with Choi Sung Bae/Cho Yoon Seung.
Sept 16,17th guest with Song Yong Ju trio featuring Marcus Gilmore on drums and Vicente Archer on Bass.
August 18-20 Chilpo Jazz festival with C2K trio plus Cho Yoon Seung, and trumpeter Hino Terumasa.
June 30th- July 10th Korea tour with bassist Lee Chul Hoon, pianist David Berkman and drummer Ralph Peterson.
Aug 15-16 EBS space with Lim Mijung quartet
May 11th All That Jazz w/JB band
May 17 Cho Yoon Seung concert
May 30-June 1st EBS space with VIan